Summer Filmmaking

Updates on Activity

This summer has been filled with travel, adventure and, of course, filmmaking!  Here is a brief rundown of what I have been working on.


A screen capture from the introduction to my new show

I was invited to create a regular program on WYOU, Madison's community access television station. Windmiller Media Theater premiered earlier this summer and serves as a showcase of the many short films I have produced.


In July I spent a lovely Wisconsin morning filming Monica Kamal fishing on Lake Waubesa, along with her partner Steve. Monica suffered a severe spinal cord injury several years ago and lost her ability to walk, but this has not kept her from enjoying the outdoors. She also hunts and bird watches, as well as leading a group that supports outdoor activities for people with mobility challenges.

Photo: Steve Spaeni

I met Monica several years ago and was impressed with her enthusiasm and good humor, and decided I wanted to make a short documentary about her when I had the chance.  The chance is now.  I will be filming her again in the near future and will then get to work on completing a short profile of her.

Photo: Steve Spaeni

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