Affinity Room

Production begins on  
The Affinity Room

In late May we traveled out to the rural home of our good friends Scott and Cherie for production of a short film with the working title of The Affinity Room. 

Windmiller Media's artistic director Nicholas R Wootton wrote and directed this experimental film, which was inspired by a conversation he had with Holly McEntee, who is one of the subjects of another Windmiller project, Why We Ride Naked. Nicholas honored Holly's inspiration by casting her (and himself) in the roles of a woman and a man experiencing a series of existential transformations.

These existential transformations are captured in a series of costume changes. The two characters begin the film nude, then repeatedly change into different outfits, taking on different personae and changing their emotional state. Fortunately, the weather cooperated. The temperature was perfect for undressed actors to sit for long stretches of time. 

First time actor Holly adapted well to the demands of a film set, and did take after take all day long. As the day got later and temperatures dropped, she remained cheerful even as being outside with no clothes became less comfortable. Here she stays warm between takes with just a towel.

The production process was a decidedly simple and straightforward, employing a crew of only two. Nicholas called upon his friend and collaborator Michael Holly to be cinematographer.  Nicholas did double duty as second assistant director.

Nicholas' wife Jill signed on as production supervisor, doing whatever was needed to keep the production on schedule. Here, she is an assistant costumer.

Nicholas and Michael confer on the next shot while Holly waits in the distance (right).

Nicholas directs prop placement before the scene begins.

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