WNBR 2016

Naked Biking Takes Center Stage

June has been an incredibly active month for us.  First, we were covered extensively in the local press.  You can get more information at our new In the News page.

Then, as part of our work on our new documentary Why We Ride Naked, we covered Madison's World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) on June 18th.  Film director Nicholas R Wootton led a team of five videographers (including himself) and an interviewer to capture the event from every conceivable angle.  

Nicholas R Wootton (left) directs Jeff Blankenship (right) on a location shoot for the documentary Why We Ride Naked, while Nicholas' wife Jill Wootton and crew member Claire Roberts-Staley look on.  (Photo: Jess Haven)

It was a complex and challenging shoot.  The video team had to contend with crowds, traffic, and an unpredictable ride plan, but they persevered and delivered excellent footage.

Claire Roberts-Staley (far left) and Jess Haven (left) capture the scene as riders head down State Street. (Photo: Tom)

We had excellent weather, and the ride organizers could not have been more cooperative with our efforts.  We thank them for their assistance.

Videographer Ren Patterson (behind tripod)
films on State Street. (Photo: Tom)

But the greatest thanks goes to all the riders who agreed to appear on camera to share their experiences and their views on the event.  They will make the film great!

WNBR rider Krystal discusses the upcoming ride with interviewer Claire Roberts-Staley (off camera). Krystal was interviewed for Why We Ride Naked. Fellow rider Matt Holley paints Krystal's back. (Photo: Jess Haven)

Nicholas R Wootton and Ivonne Suryana considered a possible
shot at the meeting area before the ride. (Photo: Ren Patterson)