Grand Yoke

An experimental made with our friend and collaborator, William Fry. 

Windmiller Media's Nicholas R. Wootton spent an evening at the UW Cinematheque, taking in the 3D film Prototype, with his friend and fellow artist, William Fry. Inspired by the artistic challenge presented by Prototype, Fry and Wootton created their own experimental film, a unique visual and auditory experience entitled Grand Yoke.

William Fry (left) and Nicholas R Wootton don 3D glasses at the showing of Prototype,
which inspired them to create Grand Yoke.

Enjoy a preview.

Grand Yoke is a ten-minute exploration of sight and sound designed to challenge viewers to make sense of its stylistic narrative, to see coherence in its aural collage. 

Currently in the film festival circuit, Grand Yoke can only be enjoyed on the big screen.  Check back frequently for announcements of upcoming screenings.

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