Filming the World Naked Bike Ride

The World Naked Bike Ride Madison had its tenth run in June, and we did not miss the chance to capture the event. Footage was shot from several cameras on the street as well as from within the ride, along with interviews before and after the ride, to provide additional footage for our documentary Why We Ride Naked.

Above, Nicholas R Wootton, GoPro in hand on the left side of the screen, captures video of Jackie, towing her daughter Aurora behind her.

Before the ride, Wootton briefed cinematographers Zachary Braddy (left) and David Boffa on the ride path and where to get the best video.

At the staging area, Wootton watches while cinematographer Marie Gautsch adjusts her camera.

Holly and Lola prepare for the ride.

One of the main reasons to get video of the 2019 WNBR Madison was to get footage of Lola, Holly and Jackie. We hadn't got much of Holly at the 2016 ride, and for Lola and Jackie, 2019 was the first time they participated. Above Wootton, GoPro in hand, rides alongside Lola as she rides down State Street.



Nicholas R Wootton and fellow rider John interview Holly and Lola after the ride while Zachary Braddy (left, holding camera) David Boffa (far right) film the scene. 

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