Principal Photography for Why We Ride Naked, 

a WNBR Documentary, Begins

Interviewing Tom Culver (left) for the WNBR Documentary
Windmiller Media's next project Why We Ride Naked, a documentary about people who participate in the World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) has started shooting in Madison.  In April we did our first interview with Sarah Tops Rogers and have since followed up with two other riders, Tom Culver and Krystal Price.

Nicholas R Wootton interviews Krystal Price
while Robert Lughai monitors the cameras 

Already the import of the subject has expanded far beyond what we initially envisioned.  We knew that riders would have interesting stories to tell about their lives and their reasons for taking part in the WNBR, but we have been amazed to learn about the powerful transformative affect that participating in the ride has had on those who take part in it.  This is an exciting discovery and is prompting us to think in more expansive ways about the scope of this documentary.

Left to right, Robert Lughai (Tarazod Films),
interviewee Krystal Price,
Nicholas R Wootton (Windmiller Media)
We are also grateful for the openness shown by our subjects.  Each of them has welcomed us into their home and shared personal stories that have taught us more than we expected when planning began for this project.

Still from b-roll of bike mechanic Sarah Tops Rogers

We have more interviews scheduled for this month, and are talking to other participants about possibly appearing in this film.  We also plan to cover the next Madison, Wisconsin WNBR on June 18th.

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