We had an awesome time at the Green Bay Film Festival last weekend.  Just God had its premiere along with a group of outstanding films.  As director of Just God, it felt great to be part of such a group of artists.  As I sit at my desk in Madison, I happen to have cards from two of them, so I'll post their links, but all of the films were great.  The quality of films at these festivals is really getting better ... I have to bring my A game every time!

Pity was a dark and eerie atmospheric film about a very bad breakup.  Writer/director John Pata is a talented filmmaker and committed to Wisconsin films!  I confess I did not get a chance to see God Forgive Us, but I met the filmmakers and believe they are destined for great success in the industry.

I enjoyed especially the chance to sit with them and other filmmakers on two discussion panels, one about screenwriting, the other about film production.  We shared our experiences and knowledge with a large group of individuals eager to learn how to make their own films.

Another highly recommended feature film is Wildlike, a gorgeous and moving story about a girl escaping an abusive home, shot in the Alaskan frontier.  A story that unfolds slowly and beautifully, excellent acting and editing, with spare dialogue and captivating images.  Ella Purnell gives a nuanced and absorbing performance.  See it!

But the best part was having my wife and friends and collaborators join me for the Just God screening.  Robert Lughai, Kelly Lajter, Colin Cameron, Jeff Blankenship and of course the lovely Jill Wootton.  We shared movies and dinner and plenty of good laughs!  It was the perfect culmination to all the hard work we all put in to make Just God happen.  Thank you all!

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