Thursday, September 26, 2019

Experimenting with Experimental Film

Windmiller Media's Nicholas R. Wootton spent an evening at the UW Cinematheque, taking in the 3D film Prototype, with his friend and fellow artist, Will Fry. Inspired by the artistic challenge presented by Prototype, Fry and Wootton are collaborating on their own experimental short, a unique visual and auditory experience entitled Origin of Grand Saybrook.

Will Fry (left) and Nicholas R Wootton don 3D glasses at the showing of Prototype,
which inspired them to create Origin of Grand Saybrook.

Origin of Grand Saybrook
is scheduled for release in early 2020. Here are a few stills from the early versions of the film.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Why We Ride Naked interviews

A naked bike ride and two interviews! It has been an active summer!

Windmiller Media artistic director Nicholas R Wootton shoots video of Jackie on the German Wheel

This summer we have been hard at work on Why We Ride Naked, the WNBR documentary. This included two new interviews with riders Jackie and Lola, plus their B roll footage, and Madison World Naked Bike Ride itself.

Lola, a first-time rider in the WNBR, welcomed our film crew into her home and described her combined nervousness and excitement about doing her first naked bike ride.

Lola describes her bicycle collection

Lola reviews footage of previous rides before the interview

Crew member Robert Lughai prepares to record the Lola's interview

Lola, an accomplished seamstress, displays her skills

Later our crew visited the home of Jackie, who also rode in her first WNBR with her young daughter Aurora. She explained how bringing her daughter on the ride was part of her parenting and helping Aurora grow up with self-confidence.

Nicholas interview Jackie

Jackie and Aurora doing some baking

In her free time, Jackie enjoys acrobatics at Madison's Circus Space. She allowed our crew to film her while she demonstrated her still on the German Wheel.

Jackie discusses her acrobatics with her spotter and friend Amanda

Monday, September 2, 2019

Back in Action in 2019

After a long period of time traveling in Europe, the United States and Thailand, we returned with a number of short films completed, as documents of our journey. Check out our video page to look at some of them.

Nicholas Wootton, filmmaking in Florence

But now we are back in Wisconsin and busy with filmmaking projects here. I have had a great time working on the sets of short films like Cap'n Abes, Staydream, and The Man in Room 228, which was made as part of the 48 Hour Film Project.

Nicholas Wootton, back at script supervising on the set of Cap'n Abes

Consulting with producer Rick Grant on the set of the web series Staydream

With the cast and crew of The Main in Room 228

Script supervising The Main in Room 228

Clockwise from upper right, Clare Manion (screenwriter), Fern Kuban (Production Assistant), Nicholas Wootton (Script Supervisor), and Marie Gautsch (Producers) of Man in Room 228.